Off The Road House Art Studio


My first functional pieces also served the ethics of recycling. I wanted to restore old broken window panes in my cabin. Inspired by the philosophy of the Bauhaus of using a good design and a good material to get a good result, I began to recognize the shape of the broken pieces as the outline, (the unintentional break becomes the design, and a given positive or negative space or shape), and replaced them with collages of matching colored ones.

Over the years, this approach of using the natural break of the glass instead of a cut, has developed into its own style and is a major signature design of my work.

Aside from the freeform of natural breaks and the sometimes mathematical Bauhaus designs, I am also strongly drawn to stripes. The great Dutch painter Piete Mondrian is one of my oldest inspirations for the art of stripes. I use them for the design of large window hangings as well as framing paintings as part of the gallery.

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My creations of different glass products range from small angel broaches, to picture frames, mirrors, thermometers to larger window hangings and structural pieces, both traditional and/or contemporary in design and technique. You can find my work year round at:

I also appear each year at a few select art and craft events.
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