Custom Glass Art

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Like most artists, I welcome requests for commissioned work. Perhaps you have a certain space in mind to brighten up with glass art. Maybe you have a special piece of glass you would like to incorporate in a larger design. Whatever the situation, I will be happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life.


  • Benesch Piece

    "Benesch Piece" residential custom order 4' x 62"

  • Old English

    "Old English" custom frame glass $300 different sizes and colors available

  • Ryan Middle School Windows

    This is commissioned work under the "One Percent for Art" program. These pieces are custom made for their location at Ryan Middle School in Fairbanks. The first picture is of the completed pieces at my home before installation. The second picture shows one of the pieces as installed in an office at the school. These pieces are each about 18 by 60 inches, and similar ones would be priced at $450 each.

  • Window Repair

    Window restoration, custom orders

    My first functional pieces also served the ethics of recycling. I wanted to restore old broken window panes in my cabin. Inspired by the philosophy of the Bauhaus of using a good design and a good material to get a good result, I began to recognize the shape of the broken pieces as the outline, (the unintentional break becomes the design, and a given positive or negative space or shape), and replaced them with collages of matching colored ones.

    Over the years, this approach of using the natural break of the glass instead of a cut, has developed into its own style and is a major signature design of my work.