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When you have lived in rural Alaska for a few winters, and you have, like me a sensitivity for colors, you learn fairly quickly that for seven months out of the year the overwhelming color you see out of your windows, is white.

I understood the importance of colors, and consequently different visually aesthetic approaches followed to counter this non-existence of color. It eventually led me to an aesthetic approach that I keep in my life year round.

"Stairway to the Elements"

Stained Glass, often called "Tiffany Glass" (after the American painter Louis Comfort Tiffany, a major representative of the American Glass movement since the 1900's) seemed to be doing this job of "coloring".

Building Stained Glass windows, mosaics of colored pieces, with the sky in the background that brighten my snowy days in the winter, and withstand fading in the long, sunny, arctic summer days, was my answer to white.

On the same note, I concluded, glass is a highly durable material, a wonderful translucent substance, capable of repelling the weather, and easy to keep clean in a Rural Alaskan Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery.

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My creations of different glass products range from small angel broaches, to picture frames, mirrors, thermometers to larger window hangings and structural pieces, both traditional and/or contemporary in design and technique. You can find my work year round at:

I also appear each year at a few select art and craft events.
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