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Just as I was surrounded by too much white, Tiffany was surrounded by grey. He was a painter, living in urban areas amongst the greyness of the industrialization, and felt a need to bring the color of the opal into everyday life.

Interested in using glass for artistic purposes, L.C.Tiffany (1879-1954), learned glass blowing with a master in Venice and also worked for a large glasshouse in Brooklyn. He wanted to make glass that could become window elements without having to be painted or treated in any superficial way.

After several years of experimenting with minerals apparent in the milky, iridescent color of opal, (which is an oxide of silica and mother nature's form of glass), he developed opalescent glass, which made it possible for the entire design of a window to be carried out by means of the color in the glass itself. For the first time the glass itself was the sole means of denoting light and shade and perspective, by means of texture, changing color and form.

Since the times of Tiffany, we also know of the copper foiling method, an essential improvement to the traditional painted glass. The process of using thin strips of copper as a substitute for lead "came" allows for intricate cuts/sections within the window. With this invention, Tiffany revolutionized glass art. Now it became possible to make your own windows, or put window pieces in front of existing windows. It was a milestone in the history of glass art, setting the people and art itself free from its historic relevance, affordable only by the wealthy.

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My creations of different glass products range from small angel broaches, to picture frames, mirrors, thermometers to larger window hangings and structural pieces, both traditional and/or contemporary in design and technique. You can find my work year round at:

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